What our customers say

Custom home builder with strong ethical values

"We have been with Hamilton Building and Design since then (1990) through almost yearly projects in three different homes. These have included a variety of project types such as additions, structural re-suspension of a second floor, a complete kitchen redo and a bathroom and basement refinish. We have found the staff to be skilled, considerate, accommodating, particular, and creative.

We have no second thoughts about having them in the home when we are away, and are still working with some of the same crew members we started with in 1990. Gordon Hamilton sets the example for those who work in the company and it is an excellent example. We will continue to work with Gordon and the company for as long as they continue to serve the Ann Arbor Area."

Dr. Robert Hogikyan,University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI

"Gordon was also fair and honest in his pricing. He stayed on target with his quotes, unless we changed our plans, and he always suggested an alternative if he felt we were not getting value with one of our choices. He kept us thoroughly updated with costs and timelines.

One of Gordon's traits that we found to be unique and valuable in his industry is his creativity and style. Gordon did not just take the plans from our architect and our decorator, but also offered his own suggestions based on his own experience and good taste. His ideas often enhanced or improved upon what we had planned, yet did not increase our costs."

Genie Sherard, Ann Arbor, MI

"Even after the major renovation ended, I have continued to work with Gordon. In fact, there is no one else I would work with. Whenever there is a problem in the house -water in the basement, a clogged sink, a leaking roof, a heavy mirror that I want to hang, a pair of hands to help me clean out the garage - I call Gordon. He either gives me advice on how to fix the problem or sends someone over. And in all my financial dealings with him, he has been extremely scrupulous. I trust him to charge me a fair price and to stand behind the quality of his work. Whenever I have expressed reservations about some aspect of a job, he sends someone over to fix it. In the three years we have worked together, I do not think we have had one disagreement about money.

I have recommended Gordon to a number of friends. Like me, they were skeptical about the gushing reports about him and his crew. But once they started working with him, they quickly came around and joined the ever-growing number of loyal Hamilton Construction fans. I can recommend Gordon Hamilton in the highest possible terms. If you need a general contractor to renovate your house or build an addition, you should definitely hire him. You will be extremely happy with the results. But I warn you - you will also be very sad when the project is over."

Scott Sapiro, Professor of Law, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI